Tuesday, May 26, 2009

5 mths!

Look at this baby girl!  What a stinkin cutie!  Tanner and I were just saying that we are really "in for it"...she has been squealing at the very top of her lungs (aka, talking) for the past twenty minutes!  Yes, non-stop.  whew!  She is amazing.  We have had a great time with Gramby and Papaw.  She really showed off last night at the restaurant with both of the grandparents.  Gramby and Papaw couldn't get over her big personality.  She has now learned to kiss (with the tongue =), reach for toys and pick them up, reach for mommy and daddy, play copy-cat, sit in her high-chair, and play with her feet.  We can't wait to see what this month brings. Oh, and how could I forget...she has a tooth poking through.  It is the pokey tooth on the side of the bottom row.  kinda crazy!  Gramby said that was where Courtney's first tooth was also (Tanner's sister).