Wednesday, May 12, 2010

16 mths!

Time if flying! I have been wanting to take pics of Parker for a while now but we have been soo busy with T finishing up school, work, and getting ready to move.  Also, we have been battling the dreaded colds and ear infections. boo. She put two words together this week for the first time..."bye bye daddy." He was not very excited about this phrase but she was so cute saying it over and over.  She also said her name for the first time...however, that was short lived, and she decided to start calling herself "baby."  I always call her "baby Parker" so when we ask her to say "Parker" she!  sooo cute!  We are headed to KY this from this Friday through Wednesday, then we are here for a week before the graduation celebration begins, and then we move!  Crazy! 
Please pray for our transition and that Parker will adjust well.  Enjoy the pics! Oh, and might I add...this was one of the hardest shoots b/c she was everywhere! She would purposefully run away from me and look the other way.  whew!