Saturday, February 20, 2010

and she is....OFF!!

Parker walked (marched!) half-way around our neighborhood today! (with a little help from her trusty cart =) She kept going and going and going.  Nothing was stopping her and or that focused face of hers.  She was pretty much the cutest thing ever so I had to capture it.  Tanner also taught her how to shoot hoops today.  She learned right away and would throw her arm in the air and say "shoo shoo shoo!"  As you can see from these pictures she is miss personality (or dare I say...Miss DRAMA!)"  However, I must say.  I love the drama! Hey, she's a GIRL! What more do you expect?  Now take a look at this cuteness.  

focused and saggin'
faster, faster!
when concentrating...bottom lip is always tucked!

hello =)
crazy face

I will get you!!! (check out the teeth!)

getting brave
so very tired
giving daddy certain commands...really
love the curls and that precious profile

more please??

b/c you had to see this a little closer =)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

introducing...Miss thang! =)

Look at that big girl! Here are a few Valentine's Day shots.  I had to send my big camera was a little sick but hopefully I will have it back this week!  So, I had to use my "little camera" for these.  I had to get a few of her in this adorable little dress.  She looks a little orange in some of these b/c she loves her veggies so she gets lots of orange stuff which tents her skin...and I also realized she had a few carrots left over from dinner when I zoomed in. ha! I am getting really excited about all of the cute Spring clothes that are coming out (for her, of course ;).  Tanner has been very busy finishing up his dissertation which is due in less than a couple of months!  He already has about 175 pages written.  Parker and I are very proud of him and cannot wait for him to be done so we can have more time with our man.  He does great with dividing his time and living on little sleep...not me ;).  We dedicated Parker a few weeks ago.  (pic below) As you can see in the picture she was exhausted from little sleep the night before.  I didn't realize she was getting her first ear infections...whew!!  Now that was rough.  We had a great week in KY (minus the lack of sleep from double ear infections that we didn't know about).  They spoiled us as always.  Parker LOVED riding in her box that Papaw made for her...well, until Aunt C threw her overboard.  lol! j/k  =)
We are finally (did I say finally???) sleeping again.  I am vacillating between one and two naps during the day.  I have learned that it is a day to day thing.  She is talking more and more and really comunicating what she wants which is always fun. =) She will go in the pantry, pull out her puffs, point them at me, and say "ma ma ma ma ma" along with a few grunts and pitiful little face.  Yes, she already knows how to work me.  Who would have ever thought I would be the softee and not Tanner??  I mean could you resist this face....???

kissing her baby...all day every day!!!  She LOVES her baby!

kissing the balloon (or "boon" as she says)

I mean really...look at that pose!
kissing the ball...
pose of the night
wow...I look like a ghost compared to her!
Tired after a long day! (watching Praise Baby)
Papaw's horsey

really tired... dedication day =)