Monday, February 21, 2011

Parker 26 mths!

Here are some fun pics from yesterday. I have been meaning to put up some new pics b/c she is getting so big! I wish all of you could hear her talk. It is the cutest thing!! She says everything now! She likes to say, "no way!! and, not today!" (insert a two yr old attitude) when I tell her it is time to potty ;) I have been potty training her this week. It has been great b/c my mom washes all of the dirty stuff and she LOVES for my mom to take her poop! ha!! We are still working on the whole "poop" thing but overall she has done great! I am 26 weeks pregnant this week. I will be 30 before ya know it! We decided to start her name with a "k" instead of "ch" because we thought it would be easier for people to pronouce and save her from a little headache all of her life =) We/she will still be able to explain why we chose the name and where it came from. So there ya have it! Kesed Grace Turley! Enjoy these sweet pics! We can't wait for Tanner to get here in two days! He will be staying a week this time. So exciting. =)
**I am in the middle of changing the colors, etc on the blog so that is the reason you can't read some of the letters! I promise later I will change the colors of the rest of the words so you can actually read them =) sorry!

Kimberly's neighbor let her ride their scooter


big squeeze!

hide and seek

love it, kinda dark but so sweet sitting on Uncle Kealon's boat

run run run!