Monday, July 5, 2010

18 mths

going to church!
Parker and her big daddy =)


she loved it!!!!
she was saying, "cold!!!!"
praying =)
daddy saves the day!


o.k.  so this is my confession.  SHE IS STILL IN THE INFANT/TODDLER BATH TUB!! I know, all of my friends just passed out.  Honestly, most of it is out of habit every night and the fact that she screams like crazy if we take it away.  I'm sure it would only take a night or two so I put this on here as proof that next week this will be history!!!!!!!!!! =)
ridiculous, I know =)!  Her Aunt C told us that she is gonna get stuck in it one day and we will be sorry, finally realizing she is too big for it. lol 
Hope everyone had a great fourth!