Friday, April 29, 2011

pics of house!

Here it is!  The Lord provided something totally different than what we had in mind.  We were thinking of a two family home in the heart of Medford but apparently the Lord has different plans that I am sure are bigger than what we can imagine.  He made it very clear that this is where he wants us, a single family home in Winchester.  This has been a very stressful process so we are thankful it is over in many ways.  I will be really thankful when everything is moved!  Part of the amazing deal is that we can move in at any point in the next month (prob getting keys tom or Sunday) and they aren't charging us any rent until June 1st.  HUGE GRACE! Talk about taking some stress off of this pregnant mama. We got a really great deal on will be expensive to heat it in the winter I am sure but I guess that is what comes with renting a house. They are also putting new a new washer and dryer in the basement for us b/c we don't have one.  There is tons of storage in the basement which is really nice.  The real estate guy has been great to work with...his girlfriend is due three days before me so he brought her to meet us tonight.  They are such a sweet couple and want to hang out more.  He is a hard core Bostonian but really helpful.  They even mentioned getting together this summer to hang out. love that.  pray for them. =) Jimmy and Jenn
As you can see Parker wanted to pose in all of the pictures =) She has no clue what is going on and why in the world we have been to so many random apartments but she has been a trooper.  Winchester is very close to Medford, only a few more mins for ppl to drive (further distance but not as much traffic).  There are gorgeous houses there and much more residential, top school systems in the state, and lots of moms that live around there.  I will def have to be intentional in getting out and meeting ppl there and in Medford but I am excited to see what the Lord has planned.  I couldn't help but to look at the house with an extra critical eye...just like my dad =) I think he would say it is a keeper ;).  (especially when we compare it to what we had been looking at).  The Lord always provides in His perfect timing! Now come see us!!!

down the street
houses right beside us (trying not to lust after those ;) ha!
dining room (aka play room for now)
living room (from the dining room) love the arched walls
T's humble lil office =) but soo thankful he has one!!!
bathroom off of the office area
living/dining room (from stairs)
more office
miss thang
front door ;) I mean I wanted you to get the full picture
kitchen (hole is where fridge that matches dishwasher and stove will go)

"storm room" something they have up here.  kinda nice for jackets and wet stuff
more kitchen, where table will go
deep cabinets for storage/pantry, love that
no fingerprints yet but they will come oh so soon! eeek!
posing in the room she declared to be hers
more P room.  pretty good size but couldn't get great pics
our room
half bath in our room

light going down stairs

dining room chandelier
the beautiful back door with a crooked light ;) goes to storm room and then to kitchen
back yard
more back yard