Saturday, November 28, 2009

KY fun

Look at this little squirt standing on her own! She thinks she is big stuff and wants to walk all of the time (with us holding her hands). She was showing off tonight and actually stood up on her own by pushing off of my leg on the floor. We all went crazy. =) Ppl were right when they said once they start crawling they think they can do anything. We love watching her try to communicate these days. She has many dramatic faces that she loves to share with everyone. I love the drama. =) She loves all remotes, cell phones, and computers. EVERY time she sees one she purses her lips, gets really big eyes, and says "OOO OOO OOO OOO." Needless to say, we have had a great time spoiling her and saying over and over..."she really is one of the smartest babies ever." lol!
gotta love being with the grandparents! ;)
The countdown is on till you know what.....the big 'un!

AHHHH!!! Look at that chunky cutie!

She just happened to be naked b/c she was hot in her sweater. =) She loves patting her belly when she is naked!!

how sweet! Her new book from GramB that lights up and sings. She likes to dance to Silent Night. =)

Doesn't she look like a school girl?

totally showing off...she climbed 5 stairs by herself and then waved to us

She loves riding Courtney's old horsey. She rocks herself. =)

Kissing her baby

at the wedding. too bad she pulled her bow out by this point.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Look at this cute thang movin!  All of you fans better appreciate this...b/c this tiny clip only took T about 4 hrs to upload to his slow computer and then transfer to my computer. =) We do it b/c we love y'all. ha!  This was from the first night she started crawling.  Now she already seems like a pro.  uh oh! Here she comes.  (oh, and you might notice how tight her shirt is....let's just say she LOVES to eat these days)
Drum roll please!!!!!...........

Monday, November 2, 2009

10 mths!

Look at this big girl! She is standing up pretty good now! We are so excited! She is still trying to get the whole crawling thing.  She gets up on all fours very easily, rocks back and forth, and then falls on her belly and scoots.  She is def. more mobile. =) I just took a few shots for fun this morn so y'all could see how big she is getting!  It is so fun trying to teach her new words.  She thinks she is big stuff.  She is now picking up her big girl food and feeding herself very well.  It only took one day to realize she has to chew the food.  She loves slices of chicken deli meat.  (stinky!) I am having to get creative now.  No longer do I just pop open a jar of Gerber baby food. =(  That's the latest with us.  We are busy busy these days but excited about the holidays.  Her first birthday will be here before we know it!  
p.s. I uploaded these really fast (lower quality) so that is the reason for the grainy quality.  =) had to say that b/c it bugs me. =)

one handed!
showin off
"i'm doing it!!"
ooo la la!
i love saying "ball!"

help...i'm in jail!
runaway lady bug
uh oh!
love bug =)
my first halloween! =)