Saturday, September 12, 2009

daddy's shirt

Sorry I haven't written in so long! I just got a new lens though so I am sure the pics will be coming more frequently!
Parker is sporting her daddy's shirt from when he was a baby.  So cute! I'm glad he pulled it out b/c it is almost too small. =) She has been wearing many 12 mth clothes lately which is wild.  I can't wait to dress her up in the winter.  I just bought her some pink boots!  She is really starting to look like a little girl.  She still says ma ma all of the time; however, when we try to get her to say da da she shakes her head "no."  It is absolutely hilarious.  I hate it for Tanner though.  I really do try to get her to say it...promise! ha!  We are excited about our many trips planned in the coming months.  I know Christmas and her birthday will be here before we know it!
p.s. she may have on a KY shirt but she told me to give everyone a message....
"Gooooo DOGS....sic 'em woof woof!!!"

crazy face!  (raising her arms up for daddy)

big girl!

the grass was the main attraction
eating puffs!

oh my! so cute