Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How sweet it is...

Isn't she lovely? Oh yes, Tanner surprised me with this amazing, fabulous present. It will be a huge help in editing and organizing my pictures. I was incredibly shocked that he would pull this off after me only mentioning it once or twice. That is a real man for ya! =) I have a lot of learning to do but I am oh so excited about the process. I mean, who wouldn't want to sit in front of this and play with pictures all day. Count me in! So I must say that I have a extraordinary husband who completely blew me out of the water with this one! Thank you to my sweet, passionate, godly, sincere, thoughtful, selfless husband!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

"Out of Hand"

And you must get a taste of Tanner's mom's creativity! She is an excellent host! She makes jewelry, wreaths, and other goodies and calls her business "out of hand." I am jealous of her creativity. She went ALL out on our dinner after the horse races! There were horse napkin rings she made, jockey clothes on the tablecloth, a jockey boot centerpiece, napkins that say "kentucky derby," and the madness goes on! The best part was our places were marked by little horses she had named after each of us. Who's do you think was named "lightscameraaction"??? Check it out!
Oh, and I have to mention how amazing her food is! YUMMO!

"God's Country"

Last week we went to a place my father-in-law likes to call "God's Country." My family drove to Lexington, KY and spent the week with Tanner's parents and sister. We had a great trip. It is a beautiful place, and we definitely got our fill of horses btwn the horse races and the horse park. The weather was gorgeous the whole time!
Here are a few delightful pics from the gorgeous Kentucky!