Monday, June 28, 2010

17 mths!

My aunt Kim gave her this adorable dress when she was a newborn and I have been waiting to do a special photo shoot in it.  I love the dress with her big curly white hair.  We are still doing great up here in Boston.  Parker is a confident city girl now! She loves to march around without holding our hands. =) Don't ya just wish you could kiss these cheeks that I kiss all day?! 

scary flowers =)
refusing to look at the camera

Here is a funny one for ya =) This was at a birthday party.  Tanner was suppose to be watching Parker while I took pics.  As you can see, he has his head fully turned, engaged in deep conversation, while Parker studies her juice box with her legs wide open!  (Don't worry, we are still working on our "lady-likeness" =) 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Our new surroundings =)

My point and shoot is being moody so I took most of these without being able to see what I was taking a picture of  ;)  but you can hopefully still get a taste of our little community, Medford.  I'm sure I will take more pictures soon, it is rather hard to try to portray our area with a little camera but here are a few!  I am amazed how close we are to the city and everything else yet it is still so pretty and green with lots of parks, trails, and trees.  We have discovered that everyone here loves dogs, eats healthy, and everyone works out.  Looks like we have some work to do! ha! 

Ahh! Thanks to Papaw and GramB for helping us pack like champs! 
TARGET!!!!  The Lord is is probably half a mile from our apt. =)
Yes, you see it right...Texas roadhouse...funny! 
same shopping can see the skyline of the city from the parking lot (not in this pic)
looks like the south, right?  Much of it feels so normal. =)
Driving into the shopping center.  Parks in the distance
benches, etc
going back to apartment (quite a few lanes, ugh?) =)
our apt complex from the road
a mall in Cambridge! Very close to the city.  The mall is three stories but not as long as the malls in the South.  
teenager ;)
going to the Meadow Glen mall very close to us, park to the left
pretty, ugh?  love all of the parks and greenery
out of our window one night, the sun was setting beside these clouds, gorgeous
cruising on the sidewalk outside of our apt
she sees a dog =)
coloring! I love how she rests her little foot on the wood
there are rabbits everywhere up here!! They must be used to ppl b/c they will let you walk right up to them
we talk a walk over the bridge to tjmaxx and staples.  It is beautiful!
there are thousands of huge lilly pads, city to the right

abandoned dock
oh yes. feeding herself
just a tad messy

drawing in it =)
Oh noooo...there goes the hand in the eye
no she didn't....
yes she did!!!
she is so proud of herself! 
BIG girl riding on the elevator.  She loves to walk on and off like she is hot stuff.